Looking For An Experienced Developer Or Technical Writer?

Hi, I'm Matthew Setter. Technical writing and software development are what I live and breath. I create web-based applications and create technical content which engages, especially developers, with platforms, technologies, applications and tools.



Web Application Development

Looking for an experienced developer well versed in a range of technologies, such as PHP, Zend Framework 1 and MySQL to develop applications for your business or supplement your existing team? Let's discuss your needs.

Technical Writing

Looking for an experienced writer, with a solid technical background and strong command of English, to write high quality content which engages developers with your business? Let's discuss your needs.


Conetix Web Hosting Australia (conetix.com.au)
php[architect] Magazine (https://www.phparch.com)
Contently - Content that works. (https://contently.com)
Callfire (https://www.callfire.com)
Codeship (https://codeship.com)
Envato (https://envato.com)
Usersnap (https://usersnap.com)
Loggly (https://www.loggly.com)


August 11, 2015 4:15 pm

Why I Created the Free the Geek Website By Hand

With so many existing solutions for creating websites, why would you create one by hand? This post looks at the reasons why I chose to create the site by hand, versus using an established platform, such as Sculpin or Wordpress

August 3, 2015 9:00 am

How to Make Your Voice Sound Sexy with Audacity

Whether you're making a podcast or a screencast, how do you make your voice sound as professional as possible - without an expensive recording studio? Today I'll show you how to do it using the free, open-source tool Audacity.

July 28, 2015 3:00 pm

How To Prepare an Online Training Environment

Thinking of becoming a PluralSight Author? Considering creating online training videos and screencasts to share your experience with others? Make it easy on yourself by knowing how to setup a consistent environment.


Matthew proved himself capable of grasping complex problems involving large datasets and programming stable solutions. He was always very focused and worked very hard at the right tasks. Matt was a good team member who interacted very well with fellow technical staff and other non-technical staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Matthew as a good PHP developer.

(Peter Dunham, Technical Director at Webgains)

It was a pleasure working with Matt; he has an excellent development skill set, and more importantly is always learning and improving. He is one of those rare technical people who are truly professional – in his demeanor, his approach to executing his work, and his clear and timely communication. A very focused PHP and general web developer who works to a high standard, and someone who I would be very happy to work with again.

(Ian Barber, Developer Advocate at Google)