Do you want content that sells your platform, software or application?

Hi, I'm Matthew Setter, I create content which engages people, especially developers, with platforms, technologies, applications & tools. I'd like to partner with you and do that for yours.


Technical Writing

Looking for an experienced writer, with a solid technical background and strong command of English, to write high quality content which engages developers with your business? Let's discuss your needs.

Platform Documentation

Do you want to really show developers everything your platform has to offer, so that it'll be painless for them to develop against your platform, instead of your competitors? Let's discuss how we can make that happen.


I have been working with Matt for several years now and am very happy with his work. He has been both an author and a technical editor for us, and his ability to thoroughly explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way is invaluable for us. He is also excellent at taking a new topic, researching it, and bringing a solid review of it to us. We are very glad he is a part of our team!

(Beth Tucker-Long, PHP Architect Magazine)

It was a pleasure working with Matt; he has an excellent development skill set, and more importantly is always learning and improving. He is one of those rare technical people who are truly professional – in his demeanor, his approach to executing his work, and his clear and timely communication. A very focused PHP and general web developer who works to a high standard, and someone who I would be very happy to work with again.

(Ian Barber, Developer Advocate at Google)