Hi, I'm Matthew Setter

I'm a freelance software engineer, with a strong focus on security, privacy, and software craftmanship.
This is my blog where I regularly write about security, continuous development, integration, and deployment, software development techniques, and loads, loads more.

Matthew Setter, security-focused software engineer

Want to reduce the risks of developing software? Want to know your documentation helps every user make the most of your software?

I’ve been building software, primarily web-based applications, for around 20 years. I’ve also created and improved documentation for a range of companies and open source projects. If you need someone you can trust, who’s reliable — let’s talk.

Software development

I’ve been developing software, primarily web-based, since 1999, and like to think that I’m pretty good at it.

I've spent a lot of time designing APIs (often in PHP and Zend Expressive); I even got so fond of Zend Framework that I run an entire website dedicated to helping fellow developers master it.

My main areas of expertise are security and deployment, but I can also help with software design and testing.

I work with companies who want to quickly ramp up after securing a new project, need specific expertise, or would like a longer-term relationship with a freelancer.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Software design
  • Software testing
  • Software security
  • Continuous development, deployment, & integration

Hiring a freelancer can feel risky.

You could be asking yourself any number of questions, including:

  • Will he fit into my team?
  • Can he get up to speed quickly?
  • Will he understand what we're trying to do?

These are all valid concerns, ones that I can comfortably answer. However, read through what my past clients have said about me, and see if they answer your questions instead.

We’ve been collaborating with Matthew over the last year and we’re extremely happy with the results. He embodies the rare combination of some great skills: being an excellent wordsmith and story teller, while having a thoroughly technical understanding for the latest advances in the world of web development. If you have the chance to work with him do it! - Florian Dorfbauer, CEO at Usersnap

Keep your skills up to date

If you don't need a technical writer or software developer, but you do want to level up your skills, then this section is for you.

I love learning new stuff. Then I love helping other people learn it too.

This means I now have a whole raft of content to my name, most of it free, some of it paid for or sold by third party platforms.

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  • Software Security
  • Software Deployment
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