Hi, I'm Matthew Setter, and this is my blog. I'm an independant software developer (or software craftsman), specialising in writing test-driven applications backed by continuous delivery. I'm also a Pluralsight author, technical writer, and podcaster.

I'm Matthew Setter, an Australian software developer. I've been a software developer since, about, 1996, developing primarily in open source tools and technologies, such as PHP, PostgreSQL, and Linux. I've had the good fortune of living and working in three wonderful countries (Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany), and gaining a wealth of diverse software development experience as a result.

Me In a Nutshell

  • Create test-driven code based around the techniques of BDD, DDD, and TDD
  • Create applications which can be continuously delivered, using CI/CD workflows
  • Write blog posts and technical tutorials which help developers grow their technical skills
  • Create technical screencasts for rapid, effective, and engaging learning

Technical Writing & Training

I started and maintain Master Zend Framework. It provides which provides technical tutorials, screencasts, and a podcast which helps developers learn all there is to know about the leading PHP development framework.

In addition, I'm the author of the book Zend Framework 2 Foundations, and the online course Zend Framework 2: The Basics, from Learnable. I'm also a Pluralsight author, specialising in PHP and database-driven applications. Online training is by far the best way to learn in the modern era. Being so flexible in nature, especially around the busy lives we all lead.

I also write on a regular basis, about software design, best practice, and continuous delivery, for a number of leading technical sites, including: PHP Architect Magazine, Codeship, Conetix, SemaphoreCI, and SitePoint.


I'm based in Nuremberg, Germany (the land of great beer, sausages, and lederhosen) and can be contacted via the contact page. I'm happy to be emailed about software development or writing inquiries, speaking or press inquiries.